Jon Sine DIY Recording Desk

If you are still looking for a recording desk, you might want to check out this DYI option: Jon Sine is a producer / DJ / daily vlogger from Germany, Düsseldorf who has managed to create the almost perfect DYI recording desk. See his original video explaining the motivation behind the desk here: Jon Sine DIY Recording Desk

If you are working with just a few controllers and mostly rely on a computer for production, this could be the perfect desk for you. Pros:

  • DYI, affordable
  • stores heavy weight 88 keys controller keyboard
  • adjustable height
  • room for your legs

It is not for rack gear though. If you require rack space, consider Platform an option.


I recreated the desk in SketchUp. Measurements have been confirmed by Jon. If you want to tailor the desk to your own needs, get the 3D model file.

The type of wood used in the example is ‘Multiplex 18mm, Birke’ (German). The stand is from the desk Ikea ‘Thyge’ or discontinued ‘Galant’. Try to get a used one cheap.